Molly Montgomery Founder's Haven

Meet Molly Montgomery

Molly Montgomery is the creator of Founder’s Haven, a peak performance training organization helping founder executives execute and lead at their highest potential.

After spending nearly two decades researching and successfully integrating cognitive psychology and neuroscience in with her life and work, Molly leveraged her expertise in the field of financial forensics to develop a framework for founders that rapidly paves the way to optimal performance and fulfillment.

The framework serves as a guide for visionary leaders who desire to perform at a peak mental and emotional state with ease while elevating organizational performance at every level.

The foundation of her experience stands on tens of thousands of hours in the trenches dissecting how companies succeed or fail, identifying patterns of decisions leading up to those successes and failures, and an obsession with understanding the intricacies of human behavior behind the decisions being made.

Before devoting her work full-time to the entrepreneurial ecosystem, Molly spent over 12 years in public accounting. She garnered career-shaping experience in the audit & advisory practice at Ernst & Young, later specializing in financial forensics at Grant Thornton LLP. She has experience working with a multitude of industries, including tech, consumer products, healthcare, gaming, hospitality, non-profit, construction, e-commerce, and has been on the founding team of a variety startups.

Molly is also the owner of FH Consulting LLC, a boutique advisory firm that specializes in helping emerging companies build a sound financial foundation while maximizing growth.

Molly is mentored by leading experts in clinical psychology, integrative psychiatry, health optimization, flow state, neuroscience, epigenetics, mindfulness, and leadership. She previously served on the Board of Directors of the Arizona Society of CPAs as Director, Treasurer, and Board Chair.

Molly holds an M.Sc. in taxation from Arizona State University and a B.A. in accounting from Radford University. She currently resides in Austin TX. When she isn’t pursuing her passion for world travel, she is often found pushing her limits in the gym, coffee shop hopping, wandering around a hiking trail somewhere, or buried in a mind-bending best seller.