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One-on-One Coaching

“You are under no obligation to be the same person you were 5 minutes ago.”

Alan Watts

     As a visionary leader, there will be many times along your journey when you will feel the pressure of your company moving faster than what you can keep up with.

You will reach your personal capacity many times.

These moments are the pinnacle of growth, when stress and anxiety can subtly eat away at your inner strength as you show up every day to lead with determination and purpose.

As external markers show success and progress, you may feel an inner fog weighing you down and limiting your ability to focus as you begin to wonder when a feeling of fulfillment and relief will come.

These pivotal moments are what set the trajectory of your life as a founder.

You may begin to feel trapped and depleted as your mind retracts and your energy and attention is pulled toward trying to keep up or escape;

Or, you will learn to master the art of stepping aside, clearing your mental space, getting present, strategizing, shifting perspective, resetting expectations, reconnecting to your vision, and stepping back in with renewed confidence, clarity, and focus.

Effective leadership as a visionary comes from the ability to continually rise above the momentum and challenges swirling around you rather than being devoured by them.

And, this is how fulfillment and joy in the journey of entrepreneurship are found.

Training the mind to perform at the potential it is capable of can be an incredibly difficult endeavor when attempted alone.

Working one-on-one with me by your side will bring added strength, inspired focus, and inner relief as we catapult you into the next phase of your journey with ease.

        During our time working together:

Your mindset will shift.
Your energy level will expand.
Your leadership will evolve.
Your inspiration will be reinvigorated.
Your inner strength will be renewed.
You will connect to a deeper sense of joy and fulfillment.
You will approach business and life from a new angle;
One that feels lighter, more fluid, and more in-sync with the life you envision yourself living.

It all starts within.

If you are a founder who is looking to invest in leadership development and personal growth while integrating business growth strategy to accelerate your business forward, follow the link below to book a risk-free consult.

I would be honored to support you on your journey.


What’s included in private coaching:

• New clients are a minimum 3-month commitment
• Kickoff our work together with a full day, in-person VIP Deep Dive coaching and strategic planning session
• 12 one-hour coaching sessions, one session per week
• Unlimited email support
• Spot coaching as needed
• Flexible options available after the initial 3-month period

Who I Work With

I work with a select few new clients at a time to allow the space and energy needed to show up powerfully for every single client I work with. I am committed to the success of my clients. And, coaching only works if you are fully committed as well. A desire to discover, reflect on, and work through areas of your life and business that may be hindering your ability to evolve to the next level is necessary for our time together to be worthwhile for you.

While I am passionate about supporting founders of companies in every stage, the one-on-one coaching I offer is best suited for founders of revenue generating, growth-stage companies (bootstrapped or investor-funded).

The initial VIP Deep Dive Session sets the foundation for our ongoing work together.

Focus and Presence

We start the day doing an exercise to clear your headspace, create powerful presence, step outside of overwhelm, and set the stage for a massively productive, creative, focused session together.
I’ll guide you through a simple, step-by-step framework that is repeatable and valuable to do on your own. You will learn to master the process of rising above the details, calming your inner state, and not get consumed by the heavy energy that is created within a growing business… no matter how intense the external pressure feels at any given moment.
This process opens up a powerful space for the creative energy to flow, and will fuel us as we connect to the vision you have for your company, your brand, your team, your customers.

Vision and Strategy

This is not a surface-level conversation about a vision and mission statement… we will be deeply connecting to the energy of what fuels you. We’ll anchor the visionary energy that flows through you to everyone who interacts with you and your company.
As we anchor your vision, we’ll transition to the growth strategy session. This is when we’ll dig in to the details of your goals, discover the root cause of what is holding you back or slowing progress, and work together to choose the best options for moving forward as your business continues to grow.
When figuring out the best course of action to take, we’ll evaluate every aspect of successfully carrying out each option, including consideration of: vision alignment, brand alignment, cost/benefit analysis, risks/benefits, impact on culture, team capacity, resources needed, team training, potential hiring needs, execution timeline, your capacity, viability of infrastructure/systems currently in place, limitations, potential roadblocks, market competition, key stakeholders impacted, cash flow… A creative discovery process that will generate deep insights, and will bring the best course of action to the surface.

Leadership Evolution

This is where it all comes together: You. We’ll spend the last portion of the day focusing on your strengths, your capacity, your leadership. We’ll hone in on what the desired next level of You looks and feels like as you take your company to the next level.
You will carry a new perspective of what your greatest potential feels like, and will start to see more clearly how to tap in to that potential at any given moment.
You will begin to learn how to effortlessly pull yourself out from under the weight of all you have taken on without slowing down the momentum that continues to build around you.
It’s important that you don’t walk away from the VIP Deep Dive session feeling as though you have more added to your plate – we’ll figure out what shifts can be made so the growth of your company does not compete with or get limited by your own individual capacity. This is a process of expansion and is at the core of our 90-day plan.

Insight to increase your effectiveness

Are you overwhelmed with maintaining day-to-day operations in the midst of growth? Is it challenging to determine what to put your focus on when everything is calling for your attention? Get objectivity and a blueprint to grow without losing momentum in distractions and admin. Book a risk-free one-on-one consultation.


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