If you are a visionary who has sacrificed any aspect of life while fueled by a potential you feel burning inside of you, know this:

Your greatest work will not be found in anything being created outside of you.

Your greatest work is the work you do within the depths of your own heart and mind. The truth is, your company is not the creation. You are the creation. Your company, your product, your service, are all results of who you are becoming as you pursue your path to living your greatest potential in life.


“Molly has an uncanny ability to get to the root problem and help guide you to the solution that aligns with both your vision and your goals.”

Nick Marquiss, Founder/CEO, AdMomentum Media

Meet our Founder, Molly Montgomery

I am a business growth strategist and executive coach to high performing founders and visionary leaders. I help founders grow or scale their company without losing their mind in the process.

Because of the unique challenges a founder embraces, I created Founder’s Haven as a way to connect high performing founders to their greatest potential while helping alleviate the immense social, personal and professional pressure that comes with being the creator of a high-growth company.

I’m a CPA by trade, having over twelve years of career capital in public accounting working for several large accounting firms, including Grant Thornton and Ernst & Young. My corporate experience includes extensive time auditing and advising clients ranging from non-profit organizations to small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

I’ve spent the latter half of my corporate career providing forensic and litigation support services, conducting buyer-side due diligence for several corporate acquisitions, assisting with and providing expert witness testimony and damage analysis for complex corporate litigation, and leading large corporate fraud investigations. My experience has crossed a wide range of industry sectors with varying layers of complexity.

In the midst of  working with companies in this way, I noticed a trend among founders that were growing  (sometimes quite rapidly). The exciting strides forward created new challenges (personally and professionally) without much guidance for how to navigate them with peace of mind.

I wanted to create a collective training for mastering focus and intense awareness while performing in complex, high-pressure, high-stakes environments.

This training, combined with a deep understanding of the responsibility and risk founders of high-growth companies are carrying, forms a technical pillar of the framework behind Founder’s Haven.

Learn from Molly

No matter where you are on your journey, I continually cultivate resources that will immediately fuel your mind, unravel complexity, bring instant clarity, and elevate your effectiveness.

Our blog and resources are designed to remove all barriers between you and the work and life you love. While dissecting topics ranging from leadership, growth strategy, and selling a company, to mindfulness, focus, and the neuroscience of flow state and stress, you’ll discover valuable insights and proven strategies to transform your life and business, allowing you to show up as the founder you know you are capable of being.